Hello, Stupid People [HSP, /_\]

about HSP

Made with june, 14th, 99.
HSP is jap limited clan as a hooligan who are being active within the ask & wkk & mgn & mzh.
We accepts anyone who is wanting to enter HSP, however won't permit betraying the companion.
As for HSP, guild abbreviation exists as /_\ in current status.
This page is Link FREE. :P
Use the banner if doesn't interfering you. thx /_\

c u nxt yr ?
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Hello, Stupid People

what the f*ck
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HSP ニッキ(仮)

はす 不定期日記 旧日記
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HSPmem quick Link

an ostrich (pu-) / BIWA / BAERU
Dreamy Imp / poly

 r u with us?

ご用の方は来客用ch #HSP (wide鯖)



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